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 Great local live theatre at Peridot Theatre Co

Terrific Cast for Crimes of the Heart

Here's our fantastic cast for Crimes of the Heart, a tragi-comedy, the story of 3 sisters Meg, Babe and Lenny reunited after Babe shoots her abusive husband and each much face their "crimes of the heart" from growing up in their dysfunctional family. Our cast features:

Babe:                 Freya Magee
Meg:                  Alexandria Avery
Lenny:               Mandy Lay
Chick:                Genevieive Brott
Doc Porter:        Michael Fenemore
Barnette Lloyd:  Ryan Fahlbusch


Great Cast For The Diary of Anne Frank

We're pleased to announce a terrific cast for The Diary of Anne Frank, Season 3 August 9 - 24. Here's our talented cast for this poignant and important play:

Otto Frank             Peter Tedford
Edith Frank           Caroline Seal
Anne Frank           Grace Cairnduff
Margot Frank        Bella Walker
Mr Dussel             Bryan Richardson
Peter                     Michael Pendrigh
Mr Van Daan        David Spencer Gardner
Mrs Van Daan      Louise Steele
Miep                     Caroline Hall
Mr Kraler              George Benca
Soldier 1               Martin Lu
Soldier 2               Nick Iacorou



New Phone Number for Bookings

For Bookings please call Barbara on 0429 115 334 - our new bookings phone number !! 

Youth Rush Tickets

Youth Rush Tickets We are now offering discount $15 tickets for under 30s at the door. For all full-length plays!



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