Saturday, 24 March 2018
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Our Next Event ! One Act Play Season 

We looking forward to a fantastic season of One Act Plays at Peridot Theatre - come see our 3 engaging productions April 26-29. Using our Booking Link for tickets, just $15 gets you access to all three productions. 

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Peridot One Act Play Festival April 2018

Latest News 

Cast 84 Charing Cross Road

A fantastic cast has been assembled for Season 2 - 84 Charing Cross Road.

Adapted by James Roose Evans from the book by Helene Hanff. Directed by Horrie Leek.


Helene                          Pam Birkett
Frank                            Andrew Ferguson
Cecily                           Katie Macfie
Megan                          Camille Alexander
Bill                                Colin Sephton 
Maxine / Joan Todd     Monica Greenwood
Mr Martin                      Ron Paddon

 Casts - One Act Plays

We're pleased to announce the casts for three wonderful productions at our One Act Play Festival April 26 - 29th.

A Little Box of Oblivion

By Stephen Bean - Directed by George Benca


Cool             Ross Evans
Doom          Jonas Crowder
Neuro          Tanitha Mathew
Dick             Peter Spowart
Woman        Marnie Higgs

On The Edge

By Kylie Rackham - Directed by Stephanie King


Adrian          Brett Hyland
Joel              Wayhu Kapa

English Made Simple

By David Ives - Directed by Emma Barber


Jack            Liam Mitchinson
Jill               Dominique Musico
Speaker      Marianne McLoughlin

2018 Season at Peridot




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