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For all auditions please contact the director per the information given. The Director will discuss your experience over the phone and may decide to offer you an appointment to audition. Most auditions are by appointment only and please note your appointment time and date down. Also be sure that you are available during the rehearsals and performance season indicated so that you can meet the requirements of the role. Directors may not give you detailed feedback on the audition process if you are unsuccessful but you are welcome to seek feedback.

The Diary of Anne Frank
The Diary of Anne Frank, by Frances Goodrich and Albert Hackett, newly adapted by Wendy Kesselman
Director and contact details: Kellie Tweeddale. Ph. 0418 118 241. Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Audition dates / times: Monday 29th April @ 7pm Wednesday 1st May @ 7pm
Season dates. August 9-24
Audition venue: Unicorn Theatre, Mount Waverley Secondary College, Lechte Road, Mount Waverley 3149 (61 F11)
Performance venue: Unicorn Theatre, Mount Waverley Secondary College, Lechte Road, Mount Waverley 3149 (61 F11)
Character summary eg 5M (15-60) 5F (13-55) plus 3M extras (20-40)
Character details:
(Ages are the character’s age – Actors’ true age can be different as long as they look suitable for the role)
* Please note, basic English Accents will be required.
Anne Frank (13-16) Very outspoken, vibrant, curious, intelligent, loves to read, study and wants to be a writer when she grows up. A very large role.
Otto Frank (50's) Anne’s father. Modest, calm, a business man, very close to Anne, has a level head, loves his family.
Edith Frank (40-55) Quiet, keeps to herself, worries about Anne’s rambunctious behaviour but loves her family.
Margot Frank (16-19) Anne’s older sister. Poised, well-behaved, studious, considerate, afraid and lonely.
Miep Gies (20-30). Compassionate, kind, brave
Peter Van Daan (15-17) Shy, lonely son of Mr and Mrs Van Daan. Becomes good friends and romantic interest of Anne.
Mr Kraler (30-50) Compassionate, reserved, kind
Mrs Van Daan (40-55) Proud, high-status, flirty, wants to be treated with respect and has a hard time leaving her old life behind.
Mr Van Daan (45-55) Opinionated, egotistical, at times selfish. Wife to Mrs Van Daan.
Mr Dussel (40-60). A dentist. Religious, selfish, controlling and doesn’t know how to communicate well, particularly with children.
3 Soldiers (20-40) (very small roles for 3 men who might want to assist with the production in other ways or gain some experience)
* This play contains some adult themes of imagined violence and war. If you are a younger teenager who is cast in a role, permission may be required from a parent or guardian.
Pre-cast characters (only after consultation with committee) - none.
Audition Info: 
Auditions will be in small groups and auditionees will be required to present a short dramatic monologue from any play (NOT Anne Frank), as well as read from the script. Auditions by appointment only - please contact the director Kellie Tweeddale.
* Please note, as most characters are on stage for the whole play, you must be available for the full rehearsal period from May-August.
Synopsis (as on website/season brochure)
Two Jewish families are forced to hide from the Nazis in a secret annexe in Amsterdam.

Auditions Stage Kiss

Stage Kiss by Sarah Ruhl, Directed by George Werther

Auditions will be held Monday July 29 at 7:00 PM and Wednesday 31st July at 7:00 PM.

All audition enquiries and bookings to the Director - please contact George on 0402222090 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Season Dates: November 15 - November 30, 2019.

Audition and Performance Venue: Unicorn Theatre, Mount Waverley Secondary College, Lechte Road, Mount Waverley 3149 (61 F11)
Character Summary:
4M - (30's - 60's)
3F - (20's - 40's)
She: An actress who has come back to the theatre after 20 years. She is attractive, outgoing and keen, but nervous about her comeback to a corny 1930's play., especially when her romantic male lead turns out to be her former lover. A major role for a very experienced actor. Age range mid 40's.
He: An actor who dwells on reigniting his long past romance with She, who he has just been reunited with by way of casting in a corny play. He often confuses the characters in the "play within a play" with real life, as She does also. He is dashing and knows it. A major role for an experienced actor. Age: 40 -50.
Director - Somewhat neurotic and eager to please he minimally "directs" and fancies himself as a playwright. A significant role. Age range 30's - 60's.
Kevin - who is the Reader and also plays the understudy, the doctor, the butler and the pimp. He is not a great actor in any of these roles and is especially uncomfortable standing in for "He" in romantic kissing scenes. Age range 30's to 50's. A significant role.
Husband / Harrison - a sincere man, who plays the "Husband" in the initial play within the play, and later plays Harrison, the real life husband of She. He is a safe and forgiving man to whom She eventualy, and fondly, returns, A moderate role.
Millie/Maid/Angela - multiple character roles, including She's 16 y.o. daughter, who has a real attitude. Several very meaty speeches, A small to moderate but challenging role. Age 20's but also able to play 16 y.o. Angela.
Millicent?Laurie - mostly plays Laurie, "He's" school teacher girlfriend. She is a sincere and naiive young woman, who is spiritual and takes a while to realise she has been dumped. A small but meaty role. Age late 20's - 30's.
All actors will be involved in the theatre "business" in the early scenes.
Rehearsals Commitment:
Commit to 3 rehearsals per week (two week nights and a Sunday). Auditions are by appointment and will be closed. Auditionees should be familiar with the script and standard American accents will be required. Some direction responses will be assessed. Lead roles require actors to convincingly transition from "actors" to characters in the play within the play. 

Two long separated former lovers, both professional actors are thrust together when cast in a 1930's play - as former lovers. She is married to Harrison and has a daughter, Angela. He has a school teacher girlfriend Laurie. She plays Ada who is dying and calls for her former lover Johnny, played by He, reigniting the feelings they once had for one another, just like the characters in the "play". The rehearsal and staging with the director and fellow actors leads to hilarious moments. The second act reveals more serious play within a play, leading to She and He confronting their real life situation. A mix of hilarity, confusion, and ultimately an awakening to reality. 


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