Sunday, 16 June 2019

Play In A Day 2018

Congratulations to all those involved in Play In A Day 2018. Tackling this year's theme of 'Famous Sayings', the four writers didn't disappoint, producing plays of considerable depth and ingenuity in a matter of hours. The actors and directors did full justice to each ot eh works. Particular congratulations to those participants who'd never written, acted or directed before but were thrust into those roles. Eyawn Harry proved to be a hilarious compere. Thanks also to those who worked behind the scenes to make this all happen, especially Sue Moon, Chris Bartle and Helen McIntosh. Here's a couple of pics of some of the fun:

 Peridot Play In a Day 2018 Full Cast and Crew Web

Peridot Play in a Day Some of The Action Web


About Play In A Day

The journey will start at 7.15 PM for a 7.30 PM start on Friday March the 2nd 2018 at the Unicorn Theatre. At 8.00 PM, selected participants will be randomly assigned to a group with a Writer, Director and up to 5 Actors. Everyone will be allocated a theme on which the plays will be based. Participants will have an hour to get to know each other and discuss any actors' special talents. Actors are required to bring one prop (which can be as ordinary or as quirky as you like) and an item of costume that could be used in the production. 



At 9.30 PM Friday, writers will commence work on their short plays, aiming for between 8 and 12 pages, based on the theme provided and incorporating any of your actors’ special talents, along with the props they have brought. Writers should bring a laptop.  When writing, the following should be borne in mind:

  • No excessive language.
  • No smoking or flame on stage.
  • Please try to give each actor equal stage time.
  • No complex lighting or sound effects.
  • Only basic furniture and props will be available.
  • A Strict Time Limit: the play must be no longer than 10 – 15 minutes duration.

Writers will be expected to work through the night on the premises, to produce a completed script by 6.00 AM on Saturday which will then be printed in preparation for discussion with the Director who will be arriving at 7.00 AM. Writers may need to take a nap during the night, so please bring along a doona, blanket, pillow etc.

Once Writers have met with their allocated Directors and Actors in the morning, they are free to leave and get some well-earned rest. Writers return to share dinner with everyone and attend the performance of their work.



Directors will arrive at the Unicorn Theatre at 7.00 AM Saturday for a meeting with their allocated writer. They will be given a list of basic furniture and props that are available for use. Directors will need to advise the Stage Manager of any special requirements and we will do our best to assist, but remember the idea of the exercise is to do this with limited time and resources. Directors will have the opportunity for a tech run in the afternoon where they will meet with our lighting and sound technicians. The Stage Manager will advise Directors of their allotted time slot. It is then up to Directors to work with their Actors to deliver a scripts-down performance by 8.00 PM.


Selected Actors will return to the Unicorn Theatre at 7.30 AM Saturday, when they will meet once again with their Director and Writer, and will receive the completed script. Actors should bring highlighters and pencils to mark their scripts. Following discussions with the Director and Writer, they will begin to work against the clock to block the play and learn lines, ready for a performance that evening. Don’t forget to bring a costume and a prop to the registration on Friday night so that the Writer can work them in to the script. (No items classed as dangerous, e.g. knifes, guns etc.) 

 Who Can Be Involved?

Anyone with a passion for having fun, working with others and putting on a performance is invited to express their interest to join Play In A Day. While there are no age limits, all participants tend to be aged 15 years or older, and most are adults aged 20 to 60 years. All applicants are encouraged to invite their family and friends along to the PIAD performances on the Saturday night. 

Entry is only $15 upon arrival or bookings at The theatre seats 200, so it would be great fun if you were to play to a full house.

Please ensure that when you apply to take part in Play In A Day, you will be available for the entire event, i.e. Friday evening and all day Saturday.



Please email your Expression of Interest to Sue Moon at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or after business hours please call Sue on 0407 827 578. You can copy and paste the information below into your email (scroll down).

But remember - PIAD will be cast and crewed on a first come, first served basis !

There is only capacity for 30 actors and 6 Directors and 6 Writers.

We will advise you ASAP if your application has been successful. We plan to produce six short plays on the night. It is important that you list in your Expression of Interest your order of preference for .... Acting, Directing or Writing. We cannot guarantee that you will get offered your first preference in all cases.

Thank you for your interest in Play In A Day. Its success depends on your support and the numbers of family and friends you invite to attend. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to make contact with:


The Venue for Friday and Saturday are:

Unicorn Theatre

Mount Waverley Secondary College

Lechte Road

Mount Waverley

Melway Map 61 F11

Please note that the entire Mount Waverley Secondary College is a non-smoking area at all times.


Applicant Contact Details:



Date of Birth

Postal Address

Email Address

Mobile Phone/ Home Phone

Have you participated in Play In A Day before? Yes/No

Please indicate your preferred 1st, 2nd and 3rd choices of PIAD roles, (recognising that we can not guarantee your first choice, but we’ll do our best):

1st Choice: 1. Writer 1. Director 1. Actor

2nd Choice: 2. Writer 2. Director 2. Actor

3rd Choice: 3. Writer 3. Director 3. Actor

Provide a brief history of your theatrical experience/background: 

Do you have any special talents that may be useful during the performances? For example, accents, singing, juggling, etc. If yes, please describe them.

Please pay your entry fee online HERE