Monday, 10 December 2018
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'English Made Simple'

by David Ives. Directed by Emma Barber.

A young man and woman meet at a party, and their immediate romantic attraction is translated into comically unromantic grammar lessons as they struggle to free themselves from the banal constrictions of party talk. 

By arrangement with Hal Leonard. 


'On The Edge'

By Kylie Rackham. Directed by Stephanie King.

Adrian is on the edge, literally. Joel is ready to fly off it. Can these two strangers change each other’s lives in a chance meeting? 

By arrangement with the author.


'A Little Box of Oblivion'

by Stephen Bean. Directed by George Benca.

A woman deposits a box on a park bench, leaving instructions that it cannot be moved, knocked, tilted or opened. What’s in the box – a bomb, a severed head? A motley assortment of characters offer their madcap theories. 

By arrangement with Stagescripts.

Performance Dates:

  April - Thurs 26, Fri 27, Sat 28 at 8pm

  Matinee -  Sun April 29 at 2.15pm



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